Pharma companies give free meds for school adrenalin emergencies

Pharma companies give free meds for school adrenalin emergencies

The two pharmaceutical companies that produce the two available forms of auto-injector adrenalin to deal with anaphylactic (allergic) shock are offering a program of free epinephrine doses to schools. The companies are Mylan, which makes the EpiPen, and Kaléo, maker of Auvi-Q.

Epinephrine, as many know, must be on hand to treat food allergy and insect sting emergencies.

Even with insurance coverage, these drugs have become very expensive. For some families this expense limits the purchase of the adrenalin to a single unit at home, but not one at school. Through this program, the medication can be placed in a child’s school, but access would be allowed to any student in peril.

Each company will provide both doses of epinephrine – the .15mg and the .30mg.  Mylan offers the medicine to all schools — public or private — and to all grade levels. Kaléo offers it to public grade schools. To request the medications be placed at your child’s school, visit EpiPen’s site at and you’ll find info on the EpiPen4Schools program. For Auvi-Q:

You’ll need to give the name and address of the school and send a physician’s prescription with the request.

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