First “pro,” now add “pre” for even more gut benefits

First “pro,” now add “pre” for even more gut benefits

Over the past five years this newsletter has offered numerous articles about the health benefits of probiotics.

We have learned that because 80 percent of the immune cells in the human body are found lining the GI tract, it is critical that these cells see a normal, healthy microbiome (like a micro-ecosystem in the body.) Altering healthy gut flora leads to both a pro-inflammatory and a pro-allergic state, predisposing to auto-immune and allergic disorders.

Ingesting healthy microbes in the form of probiotics has proven to help. Now, new research is extending this approach to the use of prebiotics — foods that contain oligosaccharides (certain carbs with a few simple sugars) and fiber. These promote the establishment and flourishing of healthy gut bacteria. Some of the best in this category are:

dandelion greens       chicory root

asparagus       garlic           leeks        beans

banana           berries          artichokes

Interesting research on aboriginal peoples in New Guinea and Australia, whose diets are replete in prebiotics, shows almost no problems with autoimmune or allergic diseases.

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